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We are Böschen, specializing in Real Estate management and IT Investments. Based in Amsterdam, with strategic offices worldwide. We nurture premium properties and seek IT growth opportunities.


Real Estate

Böschen specializes in prime location retail properties, strategically managing a diverse portfolio across the Netherlands, Belgium, and the US. The family acquired the majority of these properties the timespan of the last 50 years and has since focused on upgrading them and securing leases with top-tier tenants. 

In addition to its retail holdings, Böschen also manages a range of office and residential properties. The company is continually on the lookout for new development opportunities and landmark properties to expand its portfolio.

IT Investments

In 2021, under the stewardship of the third generation, Böschen expanded its business horizons by acquiring its first IT company. The company is now strategically focused on acquiring and managing IT Managed Services Providers and Vertical Software businesses, adhering to a forever-hold strategy that emphasizes long-term ownership without intentions to sell.

Since initiating this new strategic direction, Böschen has actively broadened its portfolio by acquiring multiple companies in the Netherlands and establishing subsidiaries like Reliance and Vertical Horizon. These moves are designed to bolster Böschen's growth ambitions and reinforce its presence in the IT sector.


A proven track record in growth and development.

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